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In this bundle you’ll get:

Crystal Application – Nail Cards Expansion Pack

A brand new category to add to your Nail Cards! The deck has 20 cards in total, including one card with intructions and helpful tips on how to apply your crystals. The other 19 cards includes 1 main design, 2 complementary smaller designs and 2 color combo suggestions on each card! The perfect card deck for you who wants to add more crystals into your design, both you and your clients will love it!

The Essentials Multi Pack – 1440 pcs

This color multi package contains 1440 crystals in the perfect size mix of ss4, ss8, ss12 and ss16 in the most popular colors – Voted by nail techs world wide! You’ll get 6 different colors: Light Amethyst, Light Sapphire, Siam, Light Rose, Champagne and Black Diamond

The Essential Shapes

This shape multi package contains 120 crystals in the perfect mix of Small raindrops, large raindrops, small squares, navette, flame and diamond in the color crystal, a must-have for every crystal lover!

Gold Caviar Beads – 6 sizes

The perfect addition to your crystal design is of course caviar beads! In this bundle we paired your crystals with our caviar beads in gold! You get a variation of 6 different sizes so you can follow along with the Crystal Application deck flawlessly!

Crystal Application bundle – Essential Colors

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