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Precise Nail Shaping: MelodySusie small sanding bands and small mandrel bits are designed for precise and detailed nail shaping, and provide optimal finesse when preparing the underside of gel. Whether you need to file the edges, remove excess length, or shape the surface of the nails, this set provides the necessary precision and control.

Various Grit Options: 120# helps you to prep the nail quickly, file the nail sidewalk, shape, and smooth. 180# comes with a smooth surface and it will perfect on the natural nail and cuticle with your file's low speed. 240# helps you smooth and polish your nail surface to shine.

Multifunctional: MelodySusie small sanding bands set perfectly gently removing shine from the natural nail and prepping smaller nail plates for dip powder, acrylic, gel, or gelly tips application.

Easy to Use: The small mandrel bits are suitable for most 3/32" nail drill machines. Select a small sanding band in place over the small mandrel bits and gently apply pressure to the surface of the bed. It is suitable for manicures as well as pedicures. Working on natural nails as well as artificial nails.

Professional Small Sanding Bands 50 Pcs 240grit

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